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XmediusFAX FoIP Faxing Solutions

Sagemcom offers XMediusFAX, a patented T.38 IP fax server which is the leading FoIP (fax over Internet Protocol) server in the world (per Davidson Consulting market research). The company uses its own T.38 protocol stack and its server is known as one the easiest to install.The server is marketed in four application configurations: SP for Service Provider, EE for Enterprise, X for Express, and AXP (Application eXtention Platform) for use within the Cisco Integrated Service Router (ISR).

Xmedius announces support for Cisco SRE-V on UCS Express  Click Here

The XMediusFAX AXP is the first and only fax solution to run inside a Cisco ISR and operate natively on the Cisco Application eXtention Platform (AXP). The AXP edition is targeted for small- to mid-size organizations and branch office deployments and contains key features including support for all Cisco AXP SRE Modules (700, 900) deployed on 29xx and 39xx ISRs and support for all Cisco AXP NME modules (302, 502, 522) deployed on 28xx and 38xx ISRs. The AXP offers inter-system replication for business continuity and branch survivability, advanced faxing options with SendFAX, Web-based user fax composition and management, enhanced LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directory integration (i.e., Active Directory, Lotus Domino), contains an SQL database scalable to millions of inbound/outbound faxes with easy archiving, supports HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) for secured Web Client communications, offers multilingual support, and has an enhanced Web Services API (application programming interface) to enable flexible integration.

Sagemcom’s XmediusFAX and OpenLine Fax Over IP SIP Solutions  Click Here

The XMediusFAX Enterprise edition is field proven to manage large fax volumes and deliver high levels of security, advanced integration, and monitoring and reporting capabilities. The server is targeted at small and large enterprises and contains a number of key features including inter-system replication for business continuity and disaster recovery, simplified application integration through standardized technologies (i.e. XML [eXtended Markup Language], Python, Web Services API), business critical system monitoring through application SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) traps, the ability to handle up to 480 fax channels per server, intelligent fax boards with T.38 support and virtual machine support using VMware and Microsoft Hyper visor.

The XMediusFAX Express edition is targeted at organizations requiring a software-only fax solution with up to 4 fax channels and email integration for a small to medium-sized user group. Key features of the Express edition are Exchange integration, enhanced user productivity with Outlook add-ons, enhanced LDAP directory integration for simplified user management, automated document delivery leveraging any combination of fax routing methods, Web-based fax composition and system management, simplified network installation support through Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) technology and hardcopy faxing with support for multiple MFP manufacturers including Xerox, Sharp OKI and Sagem.

The XMediusFAX SP edition manages large fax volumes and delivers high levels of scalability, survivability, security, and advanced integration capabilities. The SP configuration offers intra-system replication for high availability (floating channel licensing with automatic license redistribution upon failure), inter-system replication for business continuity and disaster recovery, multi-tenancy for improved management (up to 500 sites), and the capability to handle up to 480 fax channels per server. The SP edition also offers a distributed SOA (service-oriented architecture) with automatic load balancing for increased system scalability and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) authentication and encryption between all server modules and clients.

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