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What is FoIP?

It is the method where the majority of a fax transmission occurs over the internet or IP-based networks instead of analog phone lines or PSTN. FoIP is the future of the fax communications industry and an integral part of any IP telephony strategy. As organizations big or small find more efficient ways to leverage their IP based network and reduce costs, FoIP is also at the forefront of these discussions. And while FoIP is a simple term, successfully navigating planning and implementation requires a FoIP expert or team of individuals who understand IP telephony, fax server technology and PBX management.

  1. FoIP further future proofs Voice Over IP (VoIP network) infrastructure.
    VoIP networks are no longer the exception, they are the norm. Organizations who have already completed this process will verify, further future proofing this sizable strategic and monetary investment includes a FoIP strategy among others. Depending on your IP infrastructure, VoIP vendor, telephony carrier and fax server technology, there are a wide variety of hardware, software and technology FoIP options available to ensure your long term success.

  2. FoIP lowers traditional PSTN fax transmission costs.
    PSTN fax costs primarily stem from carrier long-distance charges, partial fax transmissions and slower baud transmission speeds by traditional fax machines, MFP devices, fax servers or fax enabled applications. A FoIP implementation reduces or eliminates long-distance carrier charges. FoIP implementations also allow the elimination of traditional fax machines and ability to leverage IP-based MFP devices that support FoIP protocols such as T.37 or T.38.

  3. FoIP reduces PBX related maintenance and infrastructure costs.
    Traditional and IP-based telephony professionals agree PSTN fax and fax server configuration requirements have an adverse affect on PBX maintenance and infrastructure costs. As mission-critical fax volume and reliability demands rise, so do PBX complexities for expanded functionality, throughput, connectivity and more. FoIP implementations may reduce PBX usage and requirement burdens in a variety of ways including leveraging the IP gateway directly, eliminating need for PBX expansion modules or the purchase of additional telephony or fax server related hardware.

Fax Over IP Strategy

Fax over IP allows an organization to Increase network consolidation with software virtualization.
IT professionals have always strived to implement the most efficient and effective centrally managed networks. With a wide variety of reliable software virtualization solutions on the market today, the combination of network consolidation and management methodologies are endless. The correct Fax over IP strategy will allow the integration of fax transmissions into the long term network consolidation and centralized management strategy.

  1. FoIP eliminates fax server related fax board costs (in some cases).
    The fax server industry has long relied on intelligent processor-based fax boards for their reliability, higher transmission speeds and superior document quality. The price of fax boards retail from several hundred upward to twenty thousand dollars, varying on manufacturer and throughput. As operating systems changed, computing power increased and the speed of fax devices increased, new fax boards needed to be purchased. Depending on volume or transactional document value, these fax boards usually provide an ROI within the first year of ownership. In most circumstances, fax boards are not a prerequisite for FoIP implementations’. There are a variety of FoIP solutions which are software only and may best suite your business needs.



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