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TargetFax is a fax server with fax automation and document imaging capabilities which fully supports FoIP (fax over IP) by using either the Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 or TR1034 fax boards. So, TargetFax can be implemented as a true IP fax server or, alternatively, can start out as a conventional fax server by using the TR1034 and then switched to FoIP sometime in the future. TargetFax is a component of the One Touch Integration Server (OTIS) platform. The OTIS platform primarily provides document automation, process automation, and workflow with a focus on TIFF image processing.

TargetFax is designed to be easy to implement. It works off of a GUI-based (graphical user interface) application builder that doesn’t require programming and yet is more flexible than many other fax automation GUIs in the marketplace, because it allows users to branch out rather than following a linear pattern during application setup.

TargetFax supports inbound fax automation by identifying routes and names on inbound faxes based on the parameters including channel received, user name, DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service), CSID (Called Subscriber Identification), date, time, total pages received, and custom document imaging attributes defined by the user. It automatically delivering inbound faxes into existing applications, including document imaging, workflow and forms capture programs. TargetFax can automatically ready data for entry into DB2 and SQL (structured query language) databases.

TargetFax outbound fax automation enhances business efficiency by providing rapid customer interaction through the automated delivery of invoices, daily rate sheets, product updates, pricing updates, emergency actions, event reminders, special promotions, invitations, press releases and newsletters. It reduces manual labor costs and business consumable costs (paper, toner, and printing) and eliminates U.S. mailing costs. Outbound fax automation provides immediate information delivery and signatures on faxed contracts are legally binding in a court of law. Confirmations and receipts are received in seconds, rather than the two or three days the United States Postal Service takes. Depending on the requirement, outbound fax automation can be implemented at the user, application, host, ERP (enterprise resource planning) or CRM (customer relationship management) level.

TargetFax also links natively with the Open Text Fax Server which enables clients to use TargetFax fax automation in conjunction with enterprise wide RightFax systems. TargetFax also leverages close relationships with strategic partners and solution providers in the fax server (Open Text RightFax), data management (Verity Teleform, PaperVision Enterprise), document imaging (Alchemy, Digitech), and data capture (Ascent Capture) arenas.

One Touch Global Technologies, the company that produces TargetFax, offers technology and consulting in all areas of fax server, fax automation, document imaging, and workflow systems. The company has assisted channel partners, third party vendors and global 2000 organizations to fax-enable Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, Lotus Notes, SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle, AS400, e-commerce and many other applications that utilize fax server automation and document imaging technology.

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