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Softlinx markets the ReplixFax fax server to provide an enterprise-wide solution with a scalable architecture that is designed to help businesses handle demanding fax messaging and document delivery requirements. The ReplixFax fax server runs in all major operating system environments, supports Fax over IP (FoIP), fax server clustering and fax server virtualization, and integrates with virtually any business system.

The ReplixFax system offers capabilities including:

  • An all IP-based, scalable and modular architecture
  • Software-only Fax over IP: ReplixFax supports both fax board based and software-only FoIP implementations
  • Integration with Email Systems: ReplixFax is shipped with bundled SMTP mail-to-fax gateway and natively integrated with MS Exchange and IBM Domino email systems to support Outlook and Notes email users
  • Application faxing via ReplixFax APIs (Application Programming Interfaces): ReplixFax allows users to fax-enable any business application to send and receive faxes without any manual efforts to automate unattended electronic document delivery.
  • Fax server virtualization: ReplixFax supports server virtualization to provide better IT resource utilization, ease of system management and disaster recovery configuration
  • Fax server clustering: ReplixFax comes with out-of-the-box fax sever clustering capability to provide high system availability and scalable performance
  • Runs on all major operating system platforms: ReplixFax is available on both MS Windows and Unix (e.g., Red Hat Linux, Sun Solaris) platforms

The ReplixFax T.37/T.38 Fax Gateway delivers fax messaging capabilities to any IP-based unified messaging server. The gateways support both real-time T.38 and store-and-forward T.37 IP fax standards. Leveraging its out-of-the-box clustering feature and software-only FoIP support, the system provides reliable, scalable and high performance IP fax communications throughout an enterprise.

Softlinx offers a rich set of APIs for customers to develop custom fax applications or fax-enable existing business applications that include:

  • ReplixFax Web Services API: The ReplixFax Web Services API allows users to add electronic fax capability to existing business applications or IT infrastructure. It follows the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) standard and supports WSDL (Web Services Description Language) which allows for automated client-side code generation.
  • ReplixFax Windows API: The ReplixFax Windows Fax API supports standard Windows programming environment and provides an interface for custom fax application development or integration to the fax service from Visual Basic, C/C++ or any other programming or scripting language that supports COM (Component Object Model) objects.
  • ReplixFax Java API: The Java Fax API allows any Java application to integrate with the ReplixFax servers using the ReplixFax Java Class Libraries. The toolkit allows fax sending, monitoring fax status, server-based phonebook management, fax routing and inbound fax management among its capabilities.
  • ReplixFax Command Line API: The Command Line Fax API is a compact, server-based toolkit consisting of a set of ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) commands that can be embedded into any host-based or client/server applications. The toolkit interfaces directly to the ReplixFax server to integrate fax server functionality into any host-based systems, and allows users to fax enable host-based applications or develop ad-hoc fax server administration applications. The Command Line Fax API is available for ReplixFax for Solaris and Linux platforms.
  • ReplixFax Pre-and-Post Filters: The Pre-and-Post Filters are customer provided scripts or programs that are called by the ReplixFax server upon pre- or post-fax send/receive events such as upon fax receipt or before fax send. The scripts or custom written programs are easily configured through the server administration interface. This convenient hook into the ReplixFax server enables fast development of custom fax applications or ad-hoc fax processing.



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