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RightFax 10 Reseller Satori Solutions

For the past decade Satori Solutions has implemented a variety of network fax servers (traditional and FoIP) to eliminate paper consumption, increase efficiency through process automation, reduce manual labor and reduce document handling time. The most significant network fax server brand to which we credit our success is OpenText Fax Server RightFax Edition. OpenText Fax Server RightFax 10 is a milestone in the product and the industry. It marked nearly 25 years since the original version was released and is the first version of RightFax developed completely under the OpenText banner.

RightFax 10 is T.38 Fax over IP (FoIP) compatible. Although just years ago employing traditional TDM fax boards and G.711 pass through was the most widely used method for transporting fax traffic across VoIP networks, T.38 has emerged and proven to be the undisputed industry standard as well as the most stable method of fax transport. RightFax 10 supports T.38 FoIP interoperability with numerous carriers such as Global Crossing and BroadVox via SIP Trunking. The list of SIP Trunking Carriers explicitly supporting T.38 FoIP will continue to expand as clients demand solid solutions.

RightFax 10 leverages virtualization technologies such as VMware and Hyper-V, along with the power provided with features like vMotion and Live Migration respectively. The incredibly fast moving wave (or should it be, tsunami) of virtualization sweeping across all facets of the IT industry results in well documented savings over our legacy physical server and TDM implementations. This has been prominent in two of our largest and rapidly growing market sectors, Healthcare and Financial. At the core of this movement within our network fax server industry is the ability and necessity to provide software-only (boardless) solutions, leveraging T.38 FoIP and a client's existing VoIP telecom infrastructure. Server Virtualization and FoIP solutions go hand-in-hand. The list of VoIP component and system manufacturers that support T.38 is now in the dozens, and like SIP Trunking Carriers, seems to grow every week.

RightFax 10 deployments support powerful high-availability redundant architectures, often necessary to meet the enterprise-wide needs of an increasingly geographically dispersed and distributed global user community. While expensive cluster environments or cold spare servers and tape backups may have been sufficient a decade ago, our enterprise clients demand more today. RightFax 10 continues to provide us with the features and functionality required to scale solutions horizontally, with up to 4 application servers and numerous telecom slave servers (Remote DocTransports), providing redundancy within the application itself.

RightFax 10 supports more Multi Function Peripheral (MFP) integrations. The modern Digital Copier / Scanner / Printer / Fax MFP devices no longer need to provide their faxing functionality through obsolete internal hardware modules and connected analog phone lines or PBX extensions. As fleets of MFP devices are replaced every 3-5 years, our clients are rapidly moving toward leveraging centralized network solutions, and the network fax server is no exception. This is, again, another area where demonstrable ROI is abundant. RightFax continues to have one of the largest lists of integration partners in the industry, and the list of robust MFP integrations continues to grow.

RightFax 10 is an FoIP industry leader through integrations and innovation. As the premier OpenText Partner for RightFax in the Rocky Mountain Region who has been involved with RightFax T.38 solutions before they were even generally available, Satori Solutions will continue to help drive the market with RightFax 10.

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