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RightFax 10 Fax Server

scott2_smallSpeaking from the perspective of a 20 year fax industry veteran and company founder, One Touch Global credits RightFAX as a key influence in its history and substantial participation surrounding the fax server space through 2011 and beyond. Fax technology, now morphing gradually away from stand alone fax machines, finds its futuristic home using digital on-ramp solutions, multifunction devices, and IP Telephony (IPT). In other words, electronic fax remains deceptively successful and highly relevant for years to come.

Now it is almost 25 years later for RightFAX, evolving originally from its 1987 roots as Cracchiolo & Feder, Inc. born from the partnership of Brad Feder and Joe Cracchiolo (aka “Brad and Joe”), becoming one of Inc. 500's 1996 "Fastest growing private companies in America," where RightFAX remained until that date as a privately held company when it was then scooped up by Seattle-based AVT Corporation in 1996, having acquired AIFP (CommercePath) in 1997 and Castelle in 2007, rebranded under the name Captaris (from AVT) in 2001, and successfully acquired by OpenText in October 2008, obtaining the name OpenText Fax Server, but ever still RightFAX. In all these years and evolutions of fax technology, as far back when DOS was still popular, the deep-rooted RightFAX brand itself has perpetuated and remained successful.

I am personally extremely interested in RightFax 10, the upcoming latest and greatest version. RightFAX is a mature and to some arguably more complicated technology behind the scenes. While to others its legacy attributes are exactly what the doctor ordered. This is an important distinction where the field of play of today’s fax server technology include products and services written from the ground up using current development tools, circumventing the code-hybrid evolution caused by acquisition and technology shifts. What makes RightFax so relevant, beyond its obvious market leadership, is the financial and market powerhouse of OpenText Corporation.


In the end, it is not really just about technology as an end to itself, but about market penetration and access (as long as it is in keeping with the times), and most importantly a company’s ability to execute. Even the best technology around may provide marginal advantages compared to a business customer’s desire for standardization, and future proofing their IT investment. RightFax 10 is a continuing endeavor to keep pace with compatibility and interoperability with other integrated systems.

If RightFAX 10 is hip, then it will not only be a market driver benefiting everyone in the fax business, but also a reflection of the level of commitment OpenText truly demonstrates to the RightFAX product line. After all, the last major version release of RightFax, v. 9.0, was in November 2004. The RightFAX 10 release may indeed be a looking glass into the future of the electronic fax business, define the impact of other industry players and further augment loyalty among customers while expanding resellers.

The Global Fax Summit being held by OpenText in July of this year seems a good segue into the release of RightFax 10. This first of a kind event for RightFAX will have a variety of attendees, namely resellers, existing customers, and key note speakers. AllAboutFoIP.com and One Touch Global will be there to listen, learn and support OpenText in its efforts to evangelize and stoke leadership for the fax server industry.

Will RightFax 10 be hype or hip? The world wants to know, and so do we....



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