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Open Text FoIP Faxing Solutions

Open Text offers the RightFax fax server, the leading fax server worldwide (per Davidson Consulting market research). The RightFax fax server provides fax server software for fax over IP, MFP (multifunction peripherals) integration, desktop faxing, email to fax, and integration with ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. The Open Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition works either in FoIP (fax over Internet Protocol) or TDM (time-division multiplexed) environments.

The RightFax Enterprise Edition is a enterprise fax and document-delivery workhorse for national or global organizations that want to combine the power of multiple fax servers on a network. Designed to be easy to use and manage, it allows enterprises to share workload and data across multiple servers and locations. It includes all the electronic fax capabilities of RightFax Business Server, plus additional capabilities such as intelligent least-cost routing, load-balancing, and Windows Security Authentication.

The RightFax Enterprise Suite is a fax server software package that offers the following add-on modules and capabilities:

  • Microsoft Exchange Module allows businesses to create a unified fax and email solution with Open Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition and Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 UM (Unified Messaging). Fax Server and Active Directory databases can be synchronized using Connector for Microsoft Exchange. This ensures that both Active Directory and Fax Server client information is correctly updated. With Connector for Microsoft Exchange, fully customizable Fax Server field mappings allow administrators to perform all user maintenance from Windows. Users created or modified in Active Directory are automatically updated in Fax Server.
  • Lotus Notes Module lets users send, receive and manage both faxes and e-mail through their Lotus Notes mailbox. Database synchronization between Lotus Notes/Domino and RightFax allows unified administration of both servers. RightFax technology is designed to complement and extend Notes/Domino functionality, without drawing resources away from those critical systems and applications.
  • MFP Module allows users to quickly integrate Open Text network fax solutions with leading MFPs to improve document security and efficiency while reducing costs. By integrating MFPs, businesses can consolidate resources and eliminate the need for multiple standalone fax machines, modems, phone lines and supplies by centralizing Fax Server Services at MFPs from Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Sharp and Xerox. Open Text offers two-way interfaces to MFPs, so detailed information can be gleaned from the MFPs.
  • Sharepoint Connector allows RightFax users to now create fax documents in Microsoft Office and send them out as a fax, or save them to SharePoint with the added security of keeping the original fax document in a SharePoint library. RightFax Connector for SharePoint allows automation of repeatable document processes. Enhanced image management is now possible with the Fax Server Connector for SharePoint as fax images delivered to SharePoint libraries can now conform to enterprise document policies, security and lifecycle management, providing improved compliance and accessibility.
  • The SAP Connector offers inbound and outbound fax functionality to SAP users through an integration with RightFax. RightFax Connector for SAP is designed to offer inbound and outbound fax functionality to SAP users by means of a gateway between the SAP system and Fax Server using the SAPconnect and SAPoffice interfaces provided by SAP. The connector software is installed on the fax server only and is run as a service. No software installation to SAP clients is necessary.
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