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All About FoIP
VOLUME 1 | November 2010


Smart FoIP unveiled by Commetrex
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Fax Server vs. Fax Service

Posted by Peter Davidson
in FaxServer

One debate that arises in many enterprises is whether the business wants to use a FoIP (fax over IP) server or hosted Internet fax service. This debate turns on the performance of servers versus services and on the relative costs for each, along with how important, proprietary and legal the information sent or received.

In the abstract, fax servers and fax services do the same things. They enable businesses to send, receive and manage faxes. But in the real world, differences do exist. First, fax servers using FoIP (FoIP servers) generally can do more than typical hosted fax services. FoIP servers generally boast a number of APIs (application programming interfaces) which means that businesses can customize the fax servers to work tightly with any of their applications. Second, more FoIP servers support production faxing (the ability to send out a batch of faxes and have every one be different in its specifics, so thousands of invoices or purchase orders can be sent out automatically), whereas this kind of capability is a rarity among fax services, which also generally don't provide security on their lines.

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Dialogic (NASDAQ: DLGC) provider of IP and TDM based multimedia processing and call control technologies is once again offering the the Dialogic Brooktrout Fax Upgrade Program. This program allows customers worldwide to move up to Dialogic® Brooktrout® Fax Products while trading in their current fax products for a $100 (US) per port rebate.

An additional bonus rebate is available when one or two Dialogic Media Gateway (DMG) Series products are purchased in the same order as the Brooktrout Fax Product(s). Details are outlined in the applicable Terms and Conditions included in your Kit, and on the Fax Upgrade Program webpagee.

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