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The Kofax Communication Server (KCS), formerly TOPCALL Communication Server (Kofax acquired TopCall in 2004), coordinates and performs the automated exchange of information by integrating inbound and outbound communication channels. TopCall was a long-time supplier of enterprisewide fax servers based in Austria. The company had legendary ties to SAP and was the leader in enterprise fax server sales to Europe. Still, after being acquired, the company has been the leader in the worldwide production fax segment in recent years.

The KCS links up virtually any device such as an MFPs (multifunction peripheral) a phone system, email, fax, SMS (Short Message Service), MMS (Multimedia Message Service), voicemail or telex, and applications such as SAP, IBM WebSphere and Kofax document capture products. Organizations can exchange information in the formats most appropriate for their customers and partners, enable intelligent routing and trace information for compliance purposes. Kofax added FoIP to the KCS in 2007 and it uses Kofax software-based FoIP driver technology.

The Kofax Communication Server ensures the reliable exchange of business critical messages between applications, devices and people. By integrating its capabilities with all business processes, regardless of location, device or media type, it supports the automation of business processes to help accelerate business processes. The server can interconnect all common media types (fax, SMS, MMS, voice, telex) but abstracts the individual complexity or behavior of the different media types into a single interface.

A consolidated and centralized communication solution, the Kofax Communication Server allows users to run all administrative tasks and interconnect with other applications at a central point. This significantly reduces cost and ensures a high transparency of all communication flow in a company. Message transfer tracking ensures that communication costs will be less and can be passed on to clearing systems where they can be allocated to individuals or departments. All relevant events are tracked to fulfill legal requirements and compliance regulations like SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), Basel II, and the Patriot Act.

The server also has the capability to integrate multifunction peripherals (MFP) into the communications landscape of a company to fulfill legal requirements. These devices are connected to the server and all incoming and outgoing documents are indexed and archived centrally. All compliance-relevant information is logged and traced automatically. Individual telephone lines are no longer required as well as additional fax cards in each MFP.

Scanning is accomplished with Kofax VRS which enables high-quality scanning which in turn allows easy faxing of scanned documents.

Any application can be integrated with the Kofax Communication Server to accelerate mainstream business processes. Access to all services and data is granted via well documented standard interfaces (file or web-based) in a secure and consistent way. For individual needs, the company offers a developer API, either for a company’s private usage or by engagement with a Kofax professional services team. Application connectors easily provide communication capabilities to enterprise applications such as MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, SAP, and IBM WebSphere MQ.

The Kofax Communication Server provides a server-independent, plug-and-play gateway that plugs into the LAN (local-area network) and to telephone lines. Instead of having to do complex cabling between the fax server and the PBX (private branch exhange), the Line Server can simply be placed next to the PBX and connected to the LAN. To enhance reliability, multiple line servers can be used. In the event of a hardware failure, the Line Server can be replaced, without the need to open or shut down PCs and replace PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) cards. The Line Server is a self maintaining box, suitable for branch offices without local IT assistance. The pre-configured boxes can be shipped to several destinations where they can be connected into the main office system with little or no configuration or maintenance required.

With Fax over IP (FoIP), enterprises can leverage their existing IP infrastructure and reduce their total cost of ownership. Companies with VoIP infrastructure in place can make use of the existing infrastructure (e.g. gateways) and have all the advantages of traditional fax in that transactional applications retain their real-time connections and security. Proprietary hardware is not needed and individual telephone lines for fax become obsolete. Enhanced functions such as MWA (Message Wait Agent – blinking lamp on a telephone if a new message is in the inbox, either a fax or any other) are available for Cisco Call Manager via a native integration component.






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