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For more than 30 years, DPD International has provided cost-effective solutions to enterprises worldwide.  The company’s flagship product, GoldFax, has a unique high-performance architecture that can fully support FoIP (fax over Internet Protocol).  GoldFax offers enterprise fax server capabilities at a small business price.

Over one million users use GoldFax everyday in thousands of large and small organizations to send critical documents and receive and route faxes without printing. More than 1 billion faxes have been sent and received through GoldFax.  Customers include small businesses with only a single fax line to enterprise class organizations with over 120 fax lines.

GoldFax is fully scalable (supporting 120+ fax lines per server), and can be used to automate fax communications by any organization: small business, department workgroups, and enterprise corporations.  GoldFax eliminates all of the limitations of conventional paper-based fax devices and significantly improves fax document productivity, security and compliance, while reducing operational costs.  GoldFax allows users to send, receive, and archive fax documents  from desktop, mobile devices, integrated MFPs (multifunction peripherals) and is easily integrated into any enterprise resource processing (ERP), document management or other back-office application for automated production faxing.  GoldFax supports TDM (time-division multiplexing) or fax over IP (FoIP) faxing with the same functionality on both configurations.

User can send faxes from Microsoft Office applications, any desktop application, email (Outlook, Notes), a Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.), mobile devices (Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) any integrated multifunction peripherals (MFPs) or production applications on any platform (Windows, Web, UNIX, Linux, mainframe, etc.).  Users may receive and route faxes to any of the same devices and systems as well as too GoldFax inboxes and network folders.  Archived received and sent faxes can be sent to customizable file folders or integrated with any document management software system or content repository.

Reflecting its roots back to when Digital Equipment Corporation was the second-largest computer vendor, the company still markets GoldFax for OpenVMS, which provides fax communication for OpenVMS Itanium servers and systems. GoldFax allows users to send faxes from any desktop on the network using fax queues that work just like print queues. Received faxes can be routed directly to desktops or printers.  GoldFax can be used with Digital PATHWORKS UCX and TGV Multinet Network environments. Whether you use a VT terminal or a PC with XP/Vista/7, GoldFax provides you with complete faxing capabilities right from your desktop.

Fax jobs can be automated using the GoldFax Command Line Interface. Starting with the basic GFAX/SEND command, switches allow specification of recipients, cover page information, and status notification.

To run FoIP (fax over IP), GoldFax can operate in a Windows virtual environment (VMWare or Microsoft Hyper V). To make its connection to outside phone lines, the FoIP server requires a software-based modem, such as the Dialogic Brooktrout SR-140 that supports from 2 to 60 connections with speed of 33.6 Kbps., on the GoldFax server. The FoIP software communicates across a network (using SIP, H.323, T.38) with a gateway device (Cisco, Avaya, Dialogic Media Gateway, etc.) that has the connections to the telephone network.

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