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SIP Network Operators Conference (SIPNOC)
; font-size: medium;">The SIP Forum has officially launched a first-of-its-kind conference serving SIP Network Operators, called SIPNOC. The first SIPNOC 2011 conference will be held at the Hyatt Dulles Hotel in Herndon, VA, April 25 -27, 2011.
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Is FoIP SIPping ready for Prime time?

Posted by Scott Riley
in Cloud Faxing

Fax server software, fax appliances, multi-functional devices and Internet fax services are transforming into Fax over IP servers and cloud faxing solutions. These offerings are sometimes also coined IP Fax or VoIP Fax. Globally, enterprise class organizations and carrier offerings are driving an improvement of the IP networks to increase overall reliability, bandwidth and relevance for the new and exciting technologies offered by SIP Trunking. In the midst of these IP network improvements are SIP and SIP Trunking discussions as a compliment to VoIP implementations, ultimately a migration strategy away from traditional PSTN (TDM networks).
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Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) - Explained

SIP is a VoIP signaling protocol used for creating sessions in an IP network. A SIP Fax session can be an ordinary telephone call or T.38 fax call or it could be a multi-media conference call. A SIP fax, having been developed as a mechanism to establish sessions, does not know about the details of a session, it just initiates, terminates and modifies sessions.
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Insider Tip when Considering SIP Carriers

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