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FaxBack, a leading provider of reliable VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) fax server solutions for business, enterprise and carrier applications, offers an HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) Fax Platform. This technology enables fax machines and fax servers to achieve the same cost savings as voice calls, while maintaining the same reliability over internet-based VoIP, WiFi, cellular, or satellite connections. FaxBack’s Fax Platform also enables fax machines, desktop fax applications and fax servers to stream fax data over the internet with TDM-level (time-division multiplexing) reliability, while running on relatively low quality networks.

FaxBack announced that more than 40 leading carriers, enterprises and SMB (small and medium businesses) customers are evaluating FaxBack’s new HTTPS Fax Platform. FaxBack’s HTTPS Fax Platform offers the following four elements:

  • An HTTPS-Enabled Fax ATA (analog terminal adapter) reliably connects fax machines to VoIP providers over Internet connections and adds unique features like fax image archiving and email notifications.
  • A free Microsoft Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging Fax Connector enables enterprises and SMBs to connect fax to Exchange, to deliver faxes to a person’s inbox, and also supports Microsoft Fax client connections. This also provides a base platform with an easy upgrade path to NET SatisFAXtion, which is FaxBack’s full featured enterprise class and SMB fax server. Support for HTTPS in the connector allows business to use their provider-based VoIP telephony connections.
  • A fax cloud solution for carriers and enterprises to provide integration into virtualization environments, and client connections (fax-to-email, fax machine and Microsoft Fax) or premise-based fax server connections, over the cloud.
  • A VoIP Fax Server provides enterprises and SMBs with cost savings and Unified Communications integration, through a comprehensive, full featured and tightly integrated fax solution (HTTPS, T.30, T.38, SIP [Session Initiation Protocol] stack, and fax server).

FaxBack’s HTTPS Fax Platform enables fax machines and fax servers (from all vendors) to stream fax data over the Internet, with TDM level reliability, even on low quality networks. The solution scales to a full T3 (672 ports) per server, and it offers full fail-over and redundancy. Its multi-tier architecture facilitates carrier-to-carrier handoffs via HTTPS, which makes fax traffic routing easier. Enterprise customers can also leverage FaxBack’s new HTTPS Fax Platform by isolating their media gateway inside their firewall, and passing HTTPS through, which can alleviate the network traffic load balancing issues that typically accompany complications with T.38.

The fax solution helps carriers reliably offer HTTPS fax capabilities to their customers, it helps enterprises integrate fax into their enterprise workflow and document strategies, and it helps small businesses leverage the benefits of VoIP fax in an easy and affordable manner.

FaxBack offers a Fax ATA device that embeds the software and all of the intelligence required to reliably connect fax machines to VoIP networks over the open Internet, including low quality, latent or unsecured networks. FaxBack's HTTPS-based approach reliably connects fax machines over VoIP networks, including wireless networks or satellite connections. Previously unsupported features, like fax archiving and e-mail notifications, are now possible for businesses using fax machines.

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