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Fax Server Virtualization

As VoIP and Unified Communication implementations continue to rise, fax server virtualization will continue to become a standard part of the server virtualization process. There are a wide variety of fax server vendors who support Fax Server virtualization. Fax Server Virtualization is the implementation of network fax server software on a virtual server platform environment utilizing tools such as VMware ESXi, Microsoft Windows Hyper-V or Citrix XenServer. The virtualization centralizes key core computing resources, such as processor, RAM and mass storage, on a single hardware platform or farm of hardware platforms to allow for the distribution of those resources among multiple software image-based virtual servers. Fax Server Virtualization shares the same benefits of many other enterprise virtualization implementations.

Top 10 Benefits

  1. Reduced Server Hardware Maintenance Costs
  2. Reduced Server Footprint / Data Center Real Estate
  3. Reduced Power Consumption & Cooling Requirements
  4. Easier Server Dedication and Application Isolation
  5. Built In High-Availability, Failover and Disaster Recovery Options
  6. Easier New Server Build Out
  7. Workload Migration and Resource Sharing
  8. Choice of Cost and Infrastructure (On Premise, Hosted, Cloud or Hybrid)
  9. IT Management Efficiency
  10. Server Consolidation

One type of resource that cannot be effectively shared or addressed through virtualization is fax board technology, or simply put, the Network Interface Card to the telephony world. A fax board is a hardware expansion board that fit inside a server class machine. An intelligent fax board is extremely different from a fax modem. Moving from Board to Boardless is a critical component of Fax Server Virtualization. For more information on going from Board to Boardless, click here: http://www.allaboutfoip.com/board-to-boardless.html

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