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In 2010, etherFAX, launched its namesake fax solution after nearly a year in development. This new solution relies on the Internet to transport fax communications. The company says this new solution will provide a new approach to managing network-based fax communication while significantly reducing costs. The main benefits to etherFAX are the elimination of the need for fax boards and recurring telephone line fees, which typically include the complexities and costs of provisioning PRI, T1 and/or analog connections. Also, because the EtherFAX service uses in-house fax servers, it means that mission-critical documents never leave the site except as secure faxes, a big advantage over other fax service providers.

By providing complete support to third-party fax server solutions, such as the One Touch Integration Server (OTIS) and TargetFax, the etherFAX extends existing systems to the cloud, thereby providing organizations with a way to keep their mission-critical data secure by keeping it within firewalls except as fax transmissions. etherFAX serves as a fax communications provider, managing all connections to and from telecommunications carriers.

Organizations implementing this solution simply connect their on-premise fax server infrastructure to etherFAX, ensuring all fax communications are securely delivered through HTTP/S.

Through the utilization of an infrastructure-as-a-service model (IaaS), the etherFAX leverages a vast array of virtual ports, making them available to securely send and receive high volumes of fax transmissions.

With etherFAX, your faxes are secure, and never stored off-site except for encrypted archiving service options. The company provides the fax communication transport to and from existing fax server solutions as well as other fax-enabled applications such as email, ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, DMS (document management systems) and multi-function printers. etherFAX runs on a communication protocol that is a proprietary, real-time encrypted communication transport that operates between a fax server and the etherFAX data center. Such a platform allows for 100% reliable communications and ensures it does not experience the issues normally associated with other protocols, such as SIP, T.38, G711 and FoIP. The company claims five nines reliability.

etherFAX is designed as a multi-tenant solution. With it's user-interface and browser-based client, telecommunications carriers can deliver enterprise-class fax communications solutions to customers of all sizes. Service providers can deliver a fully-hosted, enterprise-class fax communications solution without requiring analog lines to process faxes. etherFAX offers the capability to optimize existing fax server technology and leverage the cloud, without the capital expense of telecommunications infrastructures. Microsoft Exchange Hosting Providers already deliver unified communications such as voicemail and email to the inbox. Now they can complete their solutions with fax.

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