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emFAST offers the FACSys fax server that offers enhanced fax messaging from a document transport mechanism to an indispensible business tool that fully integrates into critical communication areas including business process workflows, integration with multifunction peripherals (MFPs) and to enterprise content management and resource planning systems.

FACSys is based on the Microsoft SQL Server platform, which manages the receipt and delivery of fax messages securely. It also integrates with Microsoft Active Directory services for enhanced manageability and provides a high level of interoperability with Microsoft productivity applications. FACSys can be configured for multi-server clustering, active load balancing and redundant failover to enhance business continuity capabilities.

The FACSys 5.1 Fax Messaging Gateway uses code that customers have depended on for more than 20 years. FACSys 5.1 Enterprise offers an embedded SQL (Structured Query Language) Express database, a Web browser-based client, and new multifunction peripheral (MFP) integrations including Sharp, Brother, Ricoh and Canon devices. FACSys 5.1 includes support for postscript (PS), printer command language (PCL) and Portable Document File (PDF) rendering of fax documents. The fax server supports a round-robin inbound routing method for received faxes and an inbound/outbound fax message archive that can store data in .txt or .xml formats. The fax server software supports fax over IP and virtualization. A software development kit (SDK) supports .NET 2.0 and Web Services and support for new versions of SAP is included.

Emfast also markets the FACSys EZ Fax Gateway, which lets users send and receive faxes through a desktop client, browser, e-mail interface, MFP device or a fax-enabled application. This total solution-in-a-box comes preloaded with FACSys Fax Messaging software and easily connects to an existing telephone system or telephone lines. Easy to deploy and easy to use, the FACSys EZ Fax Gateway allows users to eliminate legacy fax machines helping to enhance user productivity and reduce operating costs. The FACSys EZ Fax Gateway integrates into office environments and is easily configured with a Windows-based administration program.

FACSys over IP is a software-only extension to the FACSys 5.1 platform, based on licensed, patented technology that facilitates the sending and receiving of fax messages using the T.38 protocol in an Internet Protocol (IP) enabled network. This works by supporting the Dialogic Brooktrout SR140, a software-only FoIP driver platform. The SR140 is available in a variety of densities from two to 60 channels, supports both SIP and H.323 call control, and has been tested and certified with market-leading T.38 gateways. FACSys over IP supports gateways from Cisco, Avaya, Dialogic, Nortel, Siemens, Aastra/Ericsson, 3Com, Mitel, Multi-Tech, Quintum, Audiocodes and VMware.

The FACSys fax messaging platform is fully supported in the VMWare virtual server environment through its integration with the Dialogic Brooktrout Fax over IP (FoIP) platform. In this configuration, FACSys supports T.38 faxing through SIP and H.323 gateways. emFAST also supports Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V through its integration with the Dialogic Brooktrout Fax over IP (FoIP) platform. emFAST now offers the benefits of virtualization to the fax server platform. This further enhances emFAST's FACSys Green initiative by enabling customers to reduce power consumption and their carbon footprint. The superior business-continuity and disaster-recovery capabilities delivered by virtualization are two of the best value propositions available to the IT (Information Technology) community.

emFAST fax-enables SAP systems by providing a link between the SAP system and the fax server. Under agreement with SAP, emFAST maintains a download site so that users may install the fully functional, 60 day evaluation of the FACSys-SAP Gateway software and manuals.

emFAST offers an SDK that utilizes the ActiveX/COM model, giving developers access to a wide range of FACSys features. The SDK is now available for the Microsoft .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 frameworks. The Active Fax Messaging (AFM.NET) SDK provides the programmer with the ability to create fax-enabled applications quickly and easily. With the AFM .NET SDK, it is possible to add both inbound and outbound fax processing to Windows or Web applications with as few as as 10 lines of code. And staff can program in Visual Basic, .NET, C#, or any .NET language.

FACSys software can also serve as a fax engine for Cortado Corporate Server 4.0. Existing FACSys customers will be able to use their deployed FACSys server software as the fax messaging engine for their mobile devices. Optionally, Cortado users now have the choice to deploy the complete FACSys messaging product for their enterprise.

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