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BladeWare / Commetrex

BladeWare is the SIP-based HMP (host media processing) media-server edition of Commetrex’ Open Telecommunications Framework (OTF) architecture. OTF is Commetrex’ digital-media system framework that supports any media, any network, any signaling, and any media processing-related application. The system is completely open which means no SDKs (software development kits) are required to support any development at the application level or at system services, signaling, or media technologies. Commetrex offers PowerFax for BladeWare which adds Commetrex' fax technology to the BladeWare platform. Commetrex offers fax technologies for the gateway and media-server telecom OEM (original equipment manufacturer), featuring products such as T.38 Relay & TerminatingT38 (which the company invented), T.30, and V.34.

BladeWare supports IP fax, both TerminatingT38 and G.711 pass through, and now supports V.34 transmission speed. BladeWare gives the system developers everything but the application. But, unlike competitive products, BladeWare is completely open below the application-level API, allowing the licensee to add or modify system services, signaling, and media technologies.

Commetrex offers two ready-to-deploy fax-server applications in SDKs that include the application’s source code. The licensee can either use the application as is, modify it to suit a specific requirement, or engage Commetrex to make the modification. The first application is BladeWare Fax Media Server, which interfaces with an application server that implements the overall system function that uses BladeWare as the fax send-receive resource. Unified messaging, fax broadcast, and document management are typical applications. A second application is BladeWare Fax-to-Email, which implements inbound fax-to-email as a stand-alone application. Two versions are available. One determines subscriber information through a database lookup using the dialed-number information. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is used to access a remote database. The second version is used in conjunction with an ENUM-based (E.164 NUmber Mapping) proxy that supplies the subscriber’s email address during the SIP negotiation.

Commetrex and Sangoma have a strategic partnership that creates a combination of Commetrex' BladeWare HMP telephony platform and Sangoma's digital and analog telephony interface boards to result in a very broad product offering for the enterprise-fax OEM. The BladeWare user can terminate to the PSTN (public-switched telephone network) using Sangoma's economical range of analog, digital T1/E1/J1 with PRI (primary rate interface), and BRI (basic rate interface) boards, as well as send and receive IP-based faxes, all on the same system. OEMs can therefore inter-mix station and office interfaces on the same board. So OEMs can now allow their end-user customers to connect existing fax terminals to the fax server.

Commetrex also has applied for a patent on technology the company says may finally make IP-based fax directly connected to IP-carrier networks nearly as reliable as PSTN fax. The technology, which Commetrex calls "Smart FoIP," applies to servers that support both T.38 and G.711-pass-through fax, gateways, and ATAs (analog terminal adapters) to make SIP-based call setup and the ensuing transaction nearly error free. Commetrex developed Smart FoIP, which puts intelligence into the decision by the calling gateway of whether to accept or reject the T.38 re-invite of the receiving gateway. Servers with support for T.38 and G.711 pass-through fax and Smart FoIP have call-completion rates on a par with PSTN fax and five-percent better than a server with support for only T.38. BladeWare supports this new technology.

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