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Cisco Fax Server

The Cisco Fax Server is a fax and e-document delivery solution that helps enterprises integrate voice, fax, data, and desktop applications for powerful IP communications. Companies using the Cisco Fax Server can securely send and receive documents through fax, e-mail, print devices, or the Internet. The Cisco Fax Server increases employee productivity by automating fax delivery of user-created documents; reduces costs by eliminating manual faxing, paper, phone lines, and fax machines; and improves customer service by providing secure, confirmed, and immediate document delivery. The Cisco Fax Server is an OEM version of the Open Text Fax Server, RightFax Enterprise Suite Edition.

The Cisco Fax Server allows organizations to reduce costs, save time, and improve productivity by enabling users to send, receive, and manage documents directly from desktop, e-mail, and other business applications. The Cisco Fax Server can be coupled with enterprise messaging applications such as Cisco Unity and Cisco Unity Connection software to create a unified messaging solution.

The Cisco Fax Server 9.4 Business Server is designed for companies that need a standalone fax server. It allows for configurable fax workflow options, including routing, automatic printing, scheduling, priorities, and smart resume.

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Companies can add modules to the business server for expanded functions. A single-channel license is included with all business server orders and is expandable to 30 channels with unlimited user licenses.

The Cisco Fax Server 9.4 Enterprise Suite is designed for companies that want to combine multiple fax servers. The suite is a robust document-delivery solution that allows companies to electronically send and receive documents from virtually any business application securely through fax or email messages, or over the Internet. Certified for Windows 2003 Standard and Enterprise Server, the Cisco Fax Server helps ensure application reliability, continuity in the user interface experience, and ease of installation and administration. The enterprise suite includes modules for IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange, PDF, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and RightFax SecureDocs encrypted and certified delivery. A single channel license is included and is expandable to add capacity with unlimited user licenses.

A T.37/T.38 Fax Gateway eliminates the cost of maintaining two architectures, one for voice and one for fax. Service providers can use a single port for both voice, fax relay, and store-and-forward fax. For smaller installations, the single-port configuration for both technologies is even more significant because mixed traffic can be handled more efficiently. Also, service providers can offer the new service of a single number for subscriber voice and fax access. The applications that use a single number for voice and fax require only half as many DNIS numbers and dial peers as would be required with separate voice and fax applications. Finally, service providers can offer applications that require toggling from voice to fax. Applications such as never-busy fax service may be addressed once the gateway can dynamically switch from fax relay to store-and-forward fax.

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