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The double-digit growth of Fax over IP (FoIP) is an overwhelming trend of Fax Machines, Fax Servers, Fax Services & IP Fax Solutions. Contact the FoIP Experts to discuss your FoIP strategy. Call AllAboutFoIP today at +1-866-885-5606.

Is it time for Fax over IP (FoIP) to start seriously SIPping?

by Scott Riley
Scott Riley
Founder and CEO – Scott Riley Mr. Riley has 23 years of experience in the Engin
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on Jan 20 in Cloud Faxing


Fax server software, fax appliances, multi-functional devices and Internet fax services are transforming into Fax over IP servers and cloud faxing solutions.  These offerings are sometimes also coined IP Fax or VoIP Fax.  Globally, enterprise class organizations and carrier offerings are driving an improvement of the IP networks to increase overall reliability, bandwidth and relevance for the new and exciting technologies offered by SIP Trunking.  In the midst of these IP network improvements are SIP and SIP trunking discussions as a compliment to VoIP implementations, ultimately a migration strategy away from traditional PSTN (TDM networks). 

The SIP protocol is used to establish, initiate, modify and terminate communication sessions for voice, web conferencing, multimedia and more recently, fax communications.  SIP, which stands for “Session Initiation Protocol” is a simple text-based application layer protocol heavily influenced by SMTP and HTTP protocols. SIP thus is considered scalable, architecture friendly and reasonably easy to deploy. SIP is also an RFC standard RFC 3261 from the IETF.


The FoIP SIP Relationship
On the surface, FoIP enabled fax servers, fax service SaaS providers, media gateway devices and media traffic management vendors are encouraged by the SIP offering, but most are aware of challenges when it comes to T.38 or G.711 support for bi-directional fax communication and transmission across disparate carrier IP networks.  Challenges include interoperability, latency, jitter, packet loss, QOS and ECM support.
The good news for the spectrum of enterprise class organizations down to small business looking to deploy Fax over IP as part of a VoIP carrier offering is the maturing relationship between FoIP protocol requirements and SIP trunk vendors, largely in part due to efforts from a host of software vendors and hardware manufacturers including Commetrex, Cisco Systems, Dialogic (Brooktrout), Audio Codes, Sagemcom, Digium, Faxcore, Network Equipment Technologies, Acme Packet and more.  AllAboutFoIP.com should also acknowledge the efforts of the SIP Forum and its FoIP Task Group led by Marc Robbins.  The SIP Forum FoIP Task Group is working on a variety of issues including SIP, T.38 problem statements and T.38 amendment recommendations for the IETF.  Finally, it is important to note that the bar is raised by such SIP trunking carrier organizations as Global Crossing, babyTEL, Broadview, BroadVox and Node4, who lead the charge in certifying their VoIP network segments consider Fax over IP compliance. 

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About the author

Scott Riley

Founder and CEO – Scott Riley
Mr. Riley has 23 years of experience in the Engineering and Computer Industry, and founded One Touch Global Technologies, Inc., in 1990 for the purpose of creating, delivering and managing electronic documents. Scott has a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and served as a commissioned U.S. Naval Officer with specialized training as a Civil Engineer for Construction Management, Contract Acquisition and Administration, serving as an assistant Public Works Office and Staff Civil Engineer. Prior to being commissioned, Scott also worked as a contract electrical engineer at Naval Oceans System Center. Beginning in 1992 under Scott's direction, One Touch Global published two key products for the faxing industry, the first called ProFax which thrived as a pioneer product for the construction industry. Later TargetFax was introduced to continue a long standing vision of automating the world of electronic documents, and fits in the overall solution category of computerizing paper and business transactions.
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