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The double-digit growth of Fax over IP (FoIP) is an overwhelming trend of Fax Machines, Fax Servers, Fax Services & IP Fax Solutions. Contact the FoIP Experts to discuss your FoIP strategy. Call AllAboutFoIP today at +1-866-885-5606.

How to Cloud FAX using SIP Trunks

by Scott Riley
Scott Riley
Founder and CEO – Scott Riley Mr. Riley has 23 years of experience in the Engin
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on Oct 14 in SIP

SIP trunks and VoIP are an exciting trend.  Carriers and PBX manufacturers are exponentially abandoning investments in aging infrastructure, in favor of IP telephony (IPT).  This is reshaping the telecom industry as a whole, with a set course capturing a strong following by IT management.  However, Fax requires special treatment in VoIP and SIP Trunk environments.  

Now available is a straightforward and free PDF document geared to IT and telecom administrators only, that simplifies the value and steps involving SIP Trunk deployment for business critical faxing.

For example, you may be unaware that "G.711 fax" is an equation for failure, typical of all strategies intended for Voice over IP......

Knowing how Fax fits during a transition to VoIP and/or SIP Trunks is critical.  Fax commonly represents 5-10% of telecom traffic for healthcare, financial, insurance and government, and more importantly, line of business transactions are characterized as "dollar documents." Accordingly, reliability and high completion rates of critical fax documents are necessary.


This technical brief is a quick 5 minute CHECK LIST that outlines the basic principles of SIP FAX carriers, the major benefits to your organization, and preferred prerequisites for successful selection and deployment of SIP Trunks for Fax.


Get the Free Tech Brief: http://resources.otgt.com/acton/media/7088/fax-sip-trunks-t38-recommendations-prerequisites


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About the author

Scott Riley

Founder and CEO – Scott Riley
Mr. Riley has 23 years of experience in the Engineering and Computer Industry, and founded One Touch Global Technologies, Inc., in 1990 for the purpose of creating, delivering and managing electronic documents. Scott has a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and served as a commissioned U.S. Naval Officer with specialized training as a Civil Engineer for Construction Management, Contract Acquisition and Administration, serving as an assistant Public Works Office and Staff Civil Engineer. Prior to being commissioned, Scott also worked as a contract electrical engineer at Naval Oceans System Center. Beginning in 1992 under Scott's direction, One Touch Global published two key products for the faxing industry, the first called ProFax which thrived as a pioneer product for the construction industry. Later TargetFax was introduced to continue a long standing vision of automating the world of electronic documents, and fits in the overall solution category of computerizing paper and business transactions.
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