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The double-digit growth of Fax over IP (FoIP) is an overwhelming trend of Fax Machines, Fax Servers, Fax Services & IP Fax Solutions. Contact the FoIP Experts to discuss your FoIP strategy. Call AllAboutFoIP today at +1-866-885-5606.

5 Current Trends In Fax Intensive Vertical Markets

by Chris Norwood
Chris Norwood
Chris Norwood has been in the fax technology industry for almost 20 years facili
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on Mar 15 in FaxServer
Today's paper intensive vertical markets are produce, government, healthcare, financial, legal, education and banking. Each sector contains one or more components which are regulated, requires communication with a variety of disparate organizations and paper production is mandatory. As the economy decides whether or not to recover, these markets are moving forward aggressively to reduce manual business processes, infrastructure and IT costs,through the Cloud, Server Virtualization and other means.

Five Trends To Watch For in Fax Intensive Vertical Markets

  1. Implementation of Hybrid FoIP Servers
  2. Pilot deployments of Microsoft Lync
  3. Exodus from on-premise servers to Cloud Services with extensive API integration capabilities.
  4. Disconnection of fax from email and delivering directly into ECM/ERP/CRM and Cloud-based applications
  5. Developing Business Intelligence from fax related metadata
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About the author

Chris Norwood

Chris Norwood has been in the fax technology industry for almost 20 years facilitating techincal support, development, product marketing, comparitive analysis and product management teams at Alcom Corporation, Esker and currently One Touch Global Technologies. He has conducted domestic and international training seminars on the sales, marketing, implementation and variety of various fax server technologies.
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