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Biscom the one enterprise fax server vendor that offers a true enterprisewide fax server and a true enterprisewide fax service. Many providers of Internet fax services offer services for enterprises, but none offers services with the breadth of functionality and the rock-solid reliability that Biscom offers. Some fax server vendors offer fax services, but none with the breadth of Biscom Hosted Fax Services. Customers can use either one of the Biscom offerings or both of them in tandem. Coupled with its world-class customer service, this makes the Biscom solution the most flexible offering on the market for enterprises.

Biscom now sells FoIP servers in addition to its conventional fax servers. To support virtualization, the Biscom FAXCOM fax server uses the Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 software, which eliminates fax cards. Biscom virtualization makes it possible to have a default fax server image that can be replicated in minutes, a big administrative time saver. Biscom also offers FAXCOM for SharePoint, which extends Sharepoint workflow with fax actions. The software automatically delivers incoming faxes without the need to email-enable the SharePoint site. Inbound faxes are routed using information extracted from the fax image itself (e.g., barcode or transmission information associated with the fax, such as Caller ID or date/time of transmission). Biscom also offers the capability to fax-enable virtually any application by supporting programmers via the broadest range of APIs in the industry, including the FAXCOM Command Language for interfacing directly to the FAXCOM fax server, the .NET API that includes a .NET library that can be accessed by any programming language that supports Visual Studio Common Language Runtime, the Envelope Specification which is a "file-drop" API, the Java API enables developers to interface their Java applications to the fax queue service. Biscom's Java API works with any Java Virtual Machine (JVM) running on any platform, the DocFlow API that provides organizations with alternative methods of delivering documents via fax and email without the need to modify or recode existing applications and the COM API that provides an easy interface to the fax queue service from Visual Basic, C/C++ or any other programming or scripting language that supports COM objects.

Biscom also is a premier vendor of production fax capabilities. Biscom invented production fax and remains synonymous with it. Biscom production fax server solutions automate high-volume fax delivery of mission-critical business documents, including account statements, purchase orders, and invoices. Biscom customers have used its production fax server solutions to automate the faxing of reservation confirmations, insurance forms, and financial reports without having to make any changes to their existing application code and processes. Now, Biscom offers production faxing via its FoIP servers.

Biscom provides Advanced Fax Routing to assist a company's workflow. Biscom's Advanced Fax Routing module provides an extensive set of features for processing and delivering received faxes. Advanced Fax Routing makes it possible to glean fax details that are known immediately (e.g., date-and-time received, caller-ID, TSID [Transmitting Subscriber IDentifier]), to extract data from the fax image through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and barcode recognition, to perform a lookup in any network resource (e.g., LDAP [Lightweight Directory Access Protocol] directories, ODBC [Open Database Connectivity] databases) and then to format the delivery (e.g., split multi-age fax for multiple deliveries, deliver fax image as a searchable PDF [portable document format], deliver fax details in CSV [comma-separated variables) or XML [extended markup language] and rename the file). Where businesses have a workflow already in operation but want to replace it, using Biscom technology makes it easy to mimic the processes already in use.

Biscom also has one of the best support staffs in the entire fax arena. Biscom has customer support agents who know about enterprise mission critical applications since they have been supporting them for decades. In fact, the Biscom support group sits next to the Biscom developers, so if an issue comes up that they don’t have a ready answer to, they merely need to look to their left to find the answers.

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