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About Us

allaboutFoIP.com is the one-stop resource of information, tools and forums related to the worldwide FoIP industry. It is here where industry leaders, vendors, analysts, network engineers, business executives and the media locate expert advice, technical tips, latest industry news, product analysis, recommendations, referrals and implementation resources.

All About FoIP is sponsored by seasoned fax veterans with a wealth of knowledge, resources and contacts spanning the inception of fax delivery as a key business tool, beginning in the early 1980’s, to current day implementations in the internet and computer age. These include the complete assimilation of fax and scanning technologies in the document management and workflow paradigm.

As IP networks and VoIP adoption continues to dramatically expand (and traditional PSTN phone service diminishes), organizations with paper intensive communication processes are finding the need to answer the question “What about Fax Over IP?”…… AllAboutFoIP.com is the answer about anything fax, and anything Fax over IP.

The All About FoIP team is a nationally evolving, experienced consortium of IP telephony, fax board and IP gateway manufacturers, IP service providers, fax server vendors, fax board manufacturers, value added resellers and industry advocates who understand the importance of secure, reliable and compliant fax communication mechanisms. While the Internet and email drive business, fax still commonly closes business.

The creation of this unique collaboration is designed to provide a wide range of information, opinions, products and services, technical resolutions and more.

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